FAQ Category: Membership

  • How much do volunteers get paid?

    Volunteers are just that volunteers. Even the very top level members of our department are “unpaid.” OK, so what’s in it for me? Our biggest offering is a sense of pride and belonging. Knowing that you make a difference in your community and for your family and friends Security in knowing that if something happens…

  • How can I help as a volunteer?

    We have a job for everyone! Here are just a few ideas: Fire Suppression Emergency Medical Services Search and Rescue Traffic Incident Management Fire and Life Safety Educator Training Public Information and Education Inspections and Pre-Incident Planning Public Relations Fundraising Events Coordinator Safety Officer Administrative Cleaning Maintenance Recruiting

  • What is a Junior Firefighter?

    Anyone under the age of 18 may join as a Junior Firefighter. Junior firefighters can train with us and help in various ways around the department. Junior Firefighters above the age of 16 can help on scene with a parent or legal guardian in reserved and controlled non-emergency capacity. Serving your community is a great…