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We are always looking for new volunteers. No Experience Required!

Alabama has 804 Registered Fire Departments. Roughly 11% are Career\Paid, and 89% Volunteer.

Nationally, Registered Fire Departments are staffed by approximately 1,217,800 personnel. This includes career, volunteer and paid per call firefighters as well as civilian staff and non-firefighting personnel.

Of the active firefighting personnel, 33% were career firefighters, 55% were volunteer firefighters, and 12% were paid per call firefighters.

Firefighter statistics categorized by age group:

16-19 (3%) 20-29 (21%) 30-39 (28%)

There’s a job for everyone in the volunteer fire service

  •  Entry Firefighters
  •  Driver/Operator
  •  EMT/Paramedic
  •  Search and Rescue
  •  Firefighter Safety
  •  Public Safety
  •  On-scene Accountability
  •  Administrative Support
  •  Training
  •  Community Outreach
  •  Fund Raising


  • Free Training and Educational Opportunities
  • Career Paths \ Opportunities
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • New Challenges \ Experiences
  • Make a Difference in your community
  • New friendships and lasting bonds
  • Protective Equipment and Gear
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Life Insurance

Meeting Nights

Meetings are held most Monday nights at 7 at 2161 CO RD 37 in Billingsley AL.

Business meetings are held the 1st meeting of the month.