Disaster Planning

Disasters happen. In our area the most common are storms and tornados. Recently there was a storm that came through that left over 6000 local electric company customers without power, some for more than a day. In some areas the disaster did far worse. It is important to plan ahead for events like these. Where is my power going to come from? How do I handle food, water, communications…

1.) Identify Safe Places and Meeting points. In some events you would shelter in place, in others you might go to a storm shelter which could be near by, or may require some drive time. How long will it take to get to your safe place? Do you know where to go for different types of disasters? Does your family or friends know where to find you?

2.) Identify important items. Items like your ID, Medications, Medical Records, other items of importance. Try to minimize your load, in an emergency you only want the essentials, but it is important to have some things ready.

3.) Go Bag. Keep a small bag packed and ready to go in a moments notice. Have some non-perishable snacks, clothing, first aid, cash, and other important items ready to go. Keep the bag in a safe readily accessible spot, where you can grab it as you run out the door.